The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent authority. The task of the Ombudsman is to promote equality and to prevent discrimination. The Ombudsman also supervises removal from the country and is the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings. The Ombudsman further works towards improving the rights and status of foreign nationals.

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What is hate speech?

Hate speech refers to all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify ethnic hatred, xenophobia, antisemitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance. This means that hate speech is communication that incites hatred against one person or a group of people. Hate speech often severely violates the human dignity of another person.

Monitoring removal from the country

One of the duties of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman as an external and independent authority is to monitor the removal from the country of foreigners being deported or refused entry. The goal of monitoring removal from the country is to develop the forced-return process so that the activity is humane and respects human rights.