Contact information


E-mail: yvv(at) 
Personnel e-mail: firstname.surname(at)
Media contacts: [email protected]
Issues concerning trafficking in human beings: ihmiskauppa.yvv(at)
Issues concerning monitoring removal from the country ilmoitukset.yvv(at)

If you wish, you may send sensitive and confidential information to us as a secure email. Read more on Instructions for contacting the Ombudsman -site.

Telephone numbers:

Customer service number: +358 (0) 295 666 817 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10-12 AM) 
Switch Board: +358 (0) 295 666 800
Media contacts: +358 (0) 295 666 813 
Fax: +358 (0) 295 666 829


Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman
PO Box 24
FI-00023 Government

Street address: Ratapihantie 9, Helsinki

Personnel at the Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

The personnel of the office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman works in multiple teams: Team working on discrimination issues, administration team, communications team and team working on issues related to trafficking in human beings, removal from the country and rights of foreign nationals. 


The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kristina Stenman
Head of Office Rainer Hiltunen

Administration team

Head of Office, team leader Rainer Hiltunen
Executive Assistant Svetlana Burenicheva
Department Secretary Elena Leinonen
Office secretary Senja Salmi
Planning Officer Massimo Zanasi
Administration Officer Juho-Pekko Ryhänen
Project Manager Tiina Järvinen

Team working on discrimination issues

Senior Adviser, team leader Robin Harms
Senior Officer Jussi Aaltonen
Officer Päivi Al-Tameemi
Senior Officer Matti Jutila
Officer Merilii Mykkänen
Officer Anna Pusa
Officer Hekma Peltonen
Officer Toni Tuomi
Senior Advicer Tiina Valonen
Officer Ida Repo 
Intern Iida-Elena Teriö
Intern Mikko Ensiö
Intern Jemina Fallenius
Intern Belinda Bonnici

Team working on issues related to trafficking in human beings, removal from the country and rights of foreign nationals

Senior Adviser, team leader Elina Castrén
Researcher Heini Kainulainen
Senior Officer Päivi Keskitalo
Senior Officer Maija Koskenoja
Senior Officer Joonas Rundgren
Senior Officer Anni Valovirta
Senior Officer Liisa Välimäki

Communications team

Team leader, Communications Manager Mirka Mokko
Communications Assistant Katariina Saikku
Researcher Anni Kyröläinen
Communications Officer Ruusa Myllyaho